“The Learning for Life Program ought to be accessible to all educators and all students!”

“I did the Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training Course with Anne Marie Ferris. This included NLP, Time Line Therapy and the Learning for Life© Program. As an essential instructor I did the course for two reasons: to enhance myself as an individual and to bring ‘something new’ to all my students; I accomplished both. The course was precisely what I required after the wear and tear of 29 years of instructing. This project has unquestionably changed my method for instructing to improve things.”

-Nuala, Parent and Teacher, Co. Waterford


“I am astonished at how much I’ve learned in such a short span of time.”

“I have grown in self-awareness (as opposed to denial) and in self confidence. The skills & techniques I have learned are readily applicable to my students difficulties in my role as learning support teacher.
I want to thank Anne Marie so much for this opportunity. Over the last 4 months I feel I have been given treasures of the earth, with which to “play” for the rest of my life. Even if I never used what I’ve learned in work, but only “for myself”, the cause was worth every cent! Thank you.”

-Mary Blackburn

“With the flick of a Switch”

“When our 3rd child was born to our delight we had a boy after 2 beautiful daughters, as he grew and went to school we noticed that unlike the others he had no interest in reading or attempting to have any interest in books.  At senior infants his teacher confirmed our concerns and our boy was introduced into the child support programme at his local school,
We were soon having him assessed and also enrolled him in the local dyslexia programme, we could see improvements but not as much as we had hoped. Having spoken with a number of professionals, a colleague of mine spoke to me about Anne Marie and recommended that I take our son to her.
Initially we were very sceptical so I set up an appointment, Thomas immediately bonded with Anne Marie and she could see the areas which needed to be worked on. That day a switch went on in our sons head and the improvements in not just his reading, but in his social skills, his peripheral vision and his overall confidence have been dramatic. We take Thomas back for assessments twice yearly and the teachers see major improvements in his school work, at this point in time Thomas is taking part in read-a thon is school something this time last year we would not have dreamed of. We will always be so grateful to Anne Marie”

-Mary, Wexford


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