Our Summer Camps were a HUGE success!

All the kids at the FerrisWheel Summer camps had an extremely UNIQUE SUMMER CAMP EXPERIENCE!

Kids-The FerrisWheelWe really helped the  kids to get ‘Switched-On’ and reaching their potential this Summer!

So here’s what we did…

The thrill of the Ferris Wheel is unmatched by any other fairground attraction. It’s exciting, yet solid and safe. Have you ever been on a Ferris Wheel? It’s huge, it’s fun and it takes you to new heights! You get to see things from a whole new and exciting angle. At the top you can see for miles and miles.

The FerrisWheel Summer Camp was developed by Anne Marie Ferris to give children the experience of having fun while learning and even while making some huge changes in their learning.

These are valuable life skills. Yet these skills can sometimes be overlooked, even in the best educational systems. Children learn best by doing and the FerrisWheel shows them how to have fun learning. When learning is fun, kids can learn that they can achieve just about anything! The aim of this FerrisWheel is to maximise children’s learning capacity and to make learning fun. This way, children get more out of the school system, they learn how to enjoy learning. We all know that when we’re happy, we learn better, and this is the foundation of the Summer Camp. The FerrisWheel gives learning for life!

Parents are continually looking for ways to provide the best care for their children. Every stage of development is important. We realise that everyone wants their children to be happy, healthy and well, and to reach their full potential. This Summer Camp does just that.

Delivered by specially trained leaders, we combine a unique series of exercises which engage children in a fun and exciting way. This is achieved using simple activities which stimulate the areas of the brain needed for learning and memory. Each day, children engage is a mixture of activities varying from outdoor games to fun and interesting literacy activities.

Over a 5 day period, the FerrisWheel Summer Camp brought children on the first steps of an amazing life-long journey of learning. Good foundations last a lifetime –and the FerrisWheel can change your child’s future and we had lots and lots of fun doing it!

Summer Camp 2014

If you have a child that attended one of our many Summer Camps  this year, we would love to hear your feedback and comments below!

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