NLP Practitioner


Discover the Accelerated Learning Technologies of Neuro Linguistic Programming in our Practitioner Training Course.

Why attend this Diploma?

This course shows you how to be an excellent communicator, how to achieve your goals and most importantly, how to take control of your life.

Have you ever thought you should be happy but find that you’re not quite there? Did you ever want to really make a difference to the lives of those you live and work with?

NLP is one of the most powerful tools for achieving this excellence. Your abilities to communicate, teach and transform will become first class. As a practitioner, you will be qualified to show others how to use the resources they have within themselves to make changes and to learn quickly and effectively.

What is covered?

The training has 20 hours of pre-course listening; 70 hours contact training and on-going career development opportunities.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the art and science of human excellence. The NLP Practitioner Training is a licensed training in which participants are taught and trained in the essential elements and skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP enables us to achieve successful, rapid behavioural change and learning, improved memory and confidence, using precise, effective techniques. Through unconscious metaphorical installation and conscious understanding, we teach NLP the way it was meant to be taught… through using NLP.

You will be amazed at how quickly and enjoyably you can learn and you will learn many techniques for transforming your communication skills and career opportunities.

The course will allow you to become a Licensed Practitioner of NLP, a member of the ANLP(UK) and the ABNLP(US). In addition to becoming a licensed practitioner, you will be able to use the material for your personal benefit and empowerment.

The Skills and Methodologies of NLP that will be covered include:

Behavioural / Belief Change: Re-Programme the mind with new attitudes and behaviours, which will allow limitations to be overcome in any area of life.

Emotional State Control: Learning is state dependent. When we change the emotional state we become learning enabled.

Rapport: Develop ways to establish positive communication with others.

Anchors: Learn about your own and other people’s automatic responses to situations. In using this skill we can create positive attitudes to school and learning.

Strategies / Modelling: Understand how the best learners do what they do and replicate their success.

Reframing: Look at any event from a different perspective – invaluable for teachers and learners.

Representational Systems: Explore how people describe their internal experiences in their language and behaviour.

Eye Accessing Cues: Notice how people reveal their thought and learning processes through their eyes. Install new positive strategies.

Sub-modalities: Learn how to change the way you think about things by changing the quality of your thoughts.

Meta Programmes: Find out the habitual ways of thinking about the world that you and others have.

Meta Model: Uncover the art of asking questions that specify and clarify information as well as changing beliefs.

Milton Model: Communicate more elegantly, by using the amazing power of ‘specific language’ with precision for successful outcomes.

Calibration: Tune up your senses to see, hear and feel more precisely the world around you.

How can I learn all this in just 8 days?

Before attending the training you receive a specially produced CD programme and manual.  The pre-study material and open-book test takes about 70 hours, which you can do at your own convenience. This makes certification possible within 8 days.

The Training is guaranteed to transform your communication skills and allow you to start using your un-tapped potential. We will show you how to use the techniques to empower both your own life and the lives of those you live and work with.

You will get invaluable personal coaching from Certified Trainer and Therapist Anne Marie Ferris and from a team of NLP Practitioners. Certification is approved internationally by the ANLP, ABNLP and also for insurance purposes.