Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Why attend this programme?

People don’t always have the life they desire. Consciously, you may know what you want, you may even know how to get it. The Question is…ARE you getting the results you want? If not, the answer may lie in your unconscious mind. This part of the mind is Powerful, but if it is running on negative programming then you will not succeed in your endeavours.

This training gives you powerful insights into the workings of the unconscious mind. It also shows you, step by step, how best to communicate with someone’s unconscious mind, including your own. You will learn how to program the mind powerfully for health, confidence, wealth, or success. You will learn how to access this power to achieve more in your life.

This certification is fully approved and recognised by the ANLP (UK) as well as the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP. It could be the next important step in your own career.

You will be provided with a list of recommended texts prior to the training. All other material will be provided for you during the course.

During the Programme you will learn…

  • The history and foundation of Hypnosis
  • The models on which Hypnosis is based
  • Discover the principles which govern the Unconscious Mind
  • Uncover the truth about what Hypnosis is and most importantly what it is not
  • Learn how to induce Trance quickly and easily
  • Discover how to use convincers to demonstrate the power of the Unconscious Mind to yourself and clients
  • Learn how Hypnosis can be used for effective Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss and Confidence Building
  • Use Ericksonian  Hypnosis techniques to achieve Life-Changing Results for yourself and others

How can all this be achieved in just two days?

It is, after all, a Powerful Training in Trance…Participants get some recommended reading before the course begins. This allows you to build an understanding of the Power of Hypnosis before the course. This means that you will gain a greater depth of knowledge in the area. Your questions and queries are encouraged and will all be addressed during the course of your journey through Hypnotism.


So, what if you spend two days having fun, transforming yourself with the help of your unconscious Mind, getting a recognised qualification and creating the future you’ve always wanted. How different would your life be?


If improving the quality of your life personally and professionally interests you, join us and learn how to take the quantum leap with us towards excellence.