FerrisWheel Practitioner

As part of the NLP Practitioner, learn how to use proven techniques to solve the problems associated with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and other learning difficulties, memory, behavioural and confidence issues.

Why acquire these skills? With these powerful strategies to help people overcome their learning difficulties you can change the lives of both parents and children alike. Proving to those children who struggle in the classroom that they CAN learn and succeed, greatly enhances their self-esteem and future aspirations. What could be more rewarding than giving children back their belief in themselves?

What is Ferris Wheel Learning4Life? The Ferris Wheel Learning4Life system has been found to be a fast and effective solution to Dyslexia and other learning difficulties. It is a unique treatment which corrects ineffective learning and spelling strategies, among others, and teaches individuals to learn using multi-layered modalities.

How does it work? The Ferris Wheel Learning4Life system provides tailor-made programmes for children and adults, which consist of exercises that when done daily, create and strengthen new neural pathways in the brain, thus providing new strategies for learning. These have an immediate impact on behaviour and self-esteem. Each programme is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Ferris Wheel Learning4Life is guided by the belief that all people are unique and that each individual can be successful when re-connected with their own potential. The system elicits how the individual thinks and learns along with how they construct their view of the world. The method also uncovers how past experiences affect their beliefs about their own capabilities.

The results…The Ferris Wheel Learning4Life system empowers those who are struggling with learning and helps to remove the “road blocks” that keep them stuck, thus enabling each individual to appreciate their valuable and reach their own potential and happiness.

As the name suggests, the Ferris Wheel Learning4Life system offers skills and learning, for life!