Benefits of the Outreach Programme

Our Unique system of exercises works by activating the neural connections in the brain. We also strengthen the way your brain sends messages to the rest of your body. Whether the changes you want are big or small, once you begin to use the FerrisWheel, you will notice the improvements straight away and keep them long-term. When you see what you can do and start to feel the excitement of your changes, you may well say to yourself…”if I can do this, I can achieve anything!”

The children on the programme get to learn skills which develop the brain’s ability to process the complex steps needed for easy, quick, reliable learning, spelling, reading and writing. As you develop the neurological routes needed, you now have the internal mechanism connected…for life!

Benefits for Teachers – attentive healthy students, reaching more of their potential. All children, especially those who struggle with learning, will really look forward to the FerrisWheel classes each week. Overly high stress levels for teachers and students alike become a thing of the past.


Benefits for Students – real development and enjoyment

Students learn to strengthen their brain’s ability to learn in an easy and fun way. The improvements are seen from day one.

Benefits for Parents – affordable chance to reapt he benefits of this programme

For parents, their children have the opportunity to access the Ferris Wheel Programme in their school. Private, tailor-made consultations are expensive. This way is very affordable and no longer seen as exclusive and expensive.

Benefits to a School

The whole School receives a proven programme that improves concentration, reading, writing skills and memory for children from junior infants through to 6th class.

So what is the Ferris Wheel Outreach Programme? This programme focuses on improving how children learn by using fun exercises and stories.