Back to School Stress for Parents and Kids

Children can receive routine overload if teachers and parents aren't careful.

While September and October is centred on getting the children back into a school routine, there is a real need to build some downtime into our children’s day as well.

Educational therapist, Anne Marie Ferris says that “Downtime, such as taking a short cycle or walk or just playing with the dog is more important than you think.” She goes on to say “Back to school time overloads the brain and nervous system. It’s like a massive gear change for everybody. This can cause extra anxiety and stress for your child.”

According to the therapist, who works with children and adults with learning and emotional difficulties, we need to remember to balance out the nervous system.  “Peoples energies are taken up with new school routines and family life. It’s really important to have some time where we actually do nothing at all. This helps the brain process and deal with new experiences without leaving us feeling shattered.”

Ferris, who is both a parent and professional in the field of learning difficulties, knows too well the anxieties and stress that these pressures can cause.  “At this time of year we see an increase in children attending our FerrisWheel clinic. Parents and teachers must be mindful not to put too much pressure on the child.”

Other activities such music, swimming or drama lessons are not considered downtime.  They serve another very important developmental purposes, but they are still part of a routine. Children don’t have time to process the little things that may build up to cause them worry throughout the day.

If you have any concern about your child or family member with regards to stress and learning. Don’t hesitate to contact the FerrisWheel Clinic where you can recieve expert advice.

photo credit: Spree2010 via photopin cc


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