Adult Life Skills


Are you happy with your life? Really happy? Are you getting enough from your relationship? Do you love your Job or career? Are you being paid enough? How is your health, is it great? Or would you like to feel better more of the time? Do you sleep well?

Is there anything you would like to have in your life that you don’t yet have? More money? A relationship? A better relationship? A job? A home of your own? Better health? More fun? Peace of mind and freedom from Depression?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then The FerrisWheel’s LifeCodes can help YOU!

What are the Life Codes?

Developed from over 25 years of helping people heal their lives,-The FerrisWheel ‘LifeCodes’ offer you a weekly, step-by-step guided programme. Consisting of special brain and body exercises, they will show you how rid yourself of the harmful thoughts sub-conscious beliefs that may very well be ruining your chances for happiness and success.

From week 1 they demonstrate how you can begin having the life of your dreams! Lessons are delivered in a simple, structured way. We will help you set and achieve many personal goals, giving you the method and the motivation to get your results. In short, the programme will show you how to crack the code to a happy, healthy and successful life.

Who benefits?

When you yourself are happy there is a knock-on effect in your life and everyone benefits!  With more energy, you get more done and seem to have the patience for others in your life.

For 6 weeks, you receive neuro-stimulating body and brain exercises and a wide range of techniques for improved living.

What’s included?

1.  Warm-ups with stretching -This involves stretching from head to toe

2. Breathing exercises – The benefits it brings are explained and demonstrated.

3. Motivational Story – You hear a story, specially designed to enhance, confidence and self-esteem.

4. Ferris Wheel LifeCodes Brain exercise – Each week a specific exercise is explained and demonstrated to stimulate brain activity, memory, concentration, etc.

5. Personal Goal Setting and Progress Recording. You get to chart your own personal progress.

6. Relaxation – Simple calming and mindfulness exercises to give you many more options in dealing with stress and worry.

What Happens if I buy the Programme?

When you join the FerrisWheel Life Codes community your life will improve! With on-line support, you will get a simple, proven system for personal success. You begin to reap the benefits form week 1! You do, however have something to lose…and that is, the reasons and excuses for not getting exactly what you want in life.

You can lose weight, problems, worries, fears, phobias, low self-esteem, awkwardness, shyness and lack of confidence with Life Codes So, what are you waiting for?  Click here _____ and begin to live the life you’ve only dreamed about!

The FerrisWheel is revolutionary! It shows you a better view, lifts you up and changes the way you see yourself, your problems and challenges. Step on the FerrisWheel, have fun and learn how to engage with your life in a positive way.

The FerrisWheel system contains uniquely developed techniques to switch on your brain and your potential. We are passionate about your success.

On the FerrisWheel you can learn how to overcome your difficulties, eliminate failure and achieve success, not only with learning, but with any area of your life. For all the many ways you may struggle, we have the skill, experience and know how to show you, step by step, how to overcome your challenges, find success and transform your life. Tell us what you want, and we’ll show you how to get it!

Life Codes at the FerrisWheel

Our Practitioners

FerrisWheel practitioners are fully trained by Anne Marie Ferris, in all aspects of this unique programme. Many practitioners know first-hand what if feels like to go from struggles to success. Anyone can overcome their difficulties and achieve success. This method is so effective that we can Guarantee success when following our FerrisWheel system.
Here’s what people say…
“…totally changed my life!” “…we have our happy boy back!”
“…everyone should know about the FerrisWheel”
“…I can read, I can spell, I have my confidence back”
“…couldn’t have done it without you”