We are life enhancement specialists working and developing groundbreaking ways to help people in key areas.

Firstly, we work with children to help them to develop learning skills to enhance their confidence so they can enjoy school and home life better.  We know how Dyslexia, Dyspraxia,  Autism, ad(H)d and Asperger’s Syndrome can inhibit children’s ability to enjoy learning and we have ways to help them overcome learning obstacles.

Secondly, we help children and adults with emotional difficulties such as anxiety or depression.  We can find and eliminate the root of the problem. Perhaps a trauma early in life has created a block to freedom and happiness and we can help people find the cause without digging up too many memories.  At the Ferriswheel we help people overcome their fears change their lives, reduce anxiety and become better communicators in a way that is gentle, non invasive and that produces great results.

And finally, we train our FerrisWheel practitioners and help people to train and enhance their careers so that they too can help others. Our training is certified and trademarked giving practitioners an level of exclusivity and copyright to use the

The FerrisWheel is revolutionary! It shows you a better view, lifts you up and changes the way you see yourself, your problems and challenges. Step on the FerrisWheel, have fun and learn how to engage with your life in a positive way. The FerrisWheel system contains uniquely developed techniques to switch on your brain and your potential. We are passionate about your success. On the FerrisWheel you can learn how to overcome your difficulties, eliminate failure and achieve success, not only with learning, but with any area of your life. For all the many ways you may struggle, we have the skill, experience and know how to show you, step by step, how to overcome your challenges, find success and transform your life. Tell us what you want, and we’ll show you how to get it!

Learning Codes


The FerrisWheel has been innovative in teaching and educating children, students and adults for over 25 years.


Some people learn well with regular classroom style teaching. For others the whole school experience can be fraught with setbacks and disappointments. The specialised learning system we use discovers what works best for you and teaches you how to learn.


We get Long-Term, Life-Changing improvements with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and difficulties on the Autistic Spectrum. Children with difficulties following fostering, adoption or parental separation have found the FerrisWheel approach truly life-saving.


You do not need a specific learning difficulty to benefit from the learning system. Just as we benefit from taking healthy exercise, the brain too benefits from being exercised with the FerrisWheel. In this way we can help anyone to use their brain in a stronger way, thus improve reading, writing, concentration, memory and of course, performance and self-confidence.


Our practitioners are qualified teachers who love what they do. We are fascinated by the whole process of learning and remembering. We are deeply committed to helping everyone to reach their full potential. The FerrisWheel is run by its creator, Master-Trainer Anne Marie Ferris. With clinical practice of over 25 years, she is a leader and recognised expert in the areas of learning and profound change-work.


The system is the result of applying years of her teaching experience and research, finding ways that actually work with her own children who had dyslexic difficulties and using the best of NLP techniques in the area of learning, memory and confidence.


How is this method so different to regular learning? We use the natural learning strengths of the individual and show you how to access other, more powerful learning and memory potential in the brain. Then we programme you for continued success in all areas of life. The results combine successful learning and happy people!
Using the FerrisWheel, people are amazed at how quickly and enjoyably they can learn. Through sub-conscious connections and conscious understanding, you too can experience the magic of easy learning.


There are many books written about how to transform your life. Books will give you lots of valuable information and ideas. Sometimes, just reading about it is not enough. Reading about easy learning lacks the WOW factor you get when you discover that you really can learn how to read, spell and remember information, more quickly and easily than you ever imagined!


Our Practitioners


FerrisWheel practitioners are qualified teachers and life coaches, fully trained by Anne Marie Ferris, in all aspects of this unique approach. Many people know first-hand what if feels like to go from struggles to success. Anyone can overcome their difficulties and achieve success. This method is so effective that we can Guarantee success when following our FerrisWheel system.

Here’s what people say…

“…totally changed my life!” “…we have our happy boy back!”

“…everyone should know about the FerrisWheel”

“…I can read, I can spell, I have my confidence back”

“…couldn’t have done it without you”